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Se fortalecen los buenos comentarios en Estados Unidos del clásico
de Fernando Báez, quien ha estado estas semanas
de gira por todo el Medio Oriente,
ojalá nos traiga nuevas pronto.

Intellectual Affairs
April 14, 2010
By Scott McLemee

On April 14, 2003 -- seven years ago today, and just over two weeks before George W. Bush declared “the end of major combat operations in Iraq” – the National Library in Iraq burned down. About a million books were destroyed; another blaze consumed several million documents at the National Archive. University libraries throughout Iraq met similar fates. Meanwhile there was looting of museums that contained some of the oldest-known human records -- composed with reeds on pieces of moist clay, some five thousand years ago.

To quote Donald Rumsfeld from one of his discourses on Stoic philosophy: “Stuff happens.” Perhaps we should look on the bright side. The records of Iraq’s Ministry of Oil were spared – their integrity secured through the carefully-pre…