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South China Morning Post declara a Baez autor de la semana

History: A Universal History Of The Destruction Of Books
Richard James Havis
Dec 07, 2008
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Written by: by Fernando Baez, translated Alfred MacAdam
Atlas, HK$200 ****

The Nazi book burnings of the 1930s are infamous. But as this learned work by Venezuelan librarian Fernando Baez shows, the desire to destroy the written word dates back to the invention of writing.

In A Universal History of the Destruction of Books: From Ancient Sumer to Modern Iraq, Baez theorises that a nation's cultural memory is primarily found in its literature, histories and poetry. Invading armies have often sought to control nations by destroying their libraries. This, he says, erases the national identity and makes it easier for the invaders to assimilate the conquered people into their own society and beliefs.

Even books that have survived such epic circumstances are not safe. They can be discredited by their ideological foes or eaten by natural enemies like mot…