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Excelentes comentarios despierta How They see Us, antología de James Atlas

Los comentarios de los lectores en EEUU siguen destacando la importancia de este volumen del biógrafo y novelista James Atlas y hace poco leí una hermosa nota donde se refieren al ensayo de Fernando Báez que fue incluído en esta obra: How They See Us by Aaron Morell February 12, 2010 How does the world see us? Not long ago, in a panicked moment of self-awareness and insecurity, this question was gravely important. Perhaps we are not who we thought we were as a nation or as a people. One thing is for sure: they do see us. America spread its fingers around the globe long ago. American enterprise, iconography, and military value is indelible and unavoidable. We may be despised and we may be envied, but it is hard to imagine us venerated for ideals and morals that once defined our aspirations. For much of the past decade an outspoken American contingent has complained about the world-at-large with indignation and distrust, as if we had done nothing to deserve anything but per