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Iraq´s Cultural Destruction

Aggression Against Identity. Iraq´s Cultural Destruction By: Lisandro Otero Soldados de USA en Museo  Havana, (Cubanow).- I’ve just received a book by Fernando Báez, “Iraq’s cultural destruction”, in which innumerable crimes against Iraqi’s culture are described, committed by the American occupants or their tamed henchmen in the chaos opposing Hussein. Baéz is the author of another book that has been well accepted by the critics: “Universal history of book’s destruction”. In search of information he arrived to Iraq in 2003, after the United States invasion, and he found a desolated picture of the cultural patrimony, not only of Iraq, but of all humanity. In the prologue, Noam Chomsky refers how the invaders from the United States, Great Britain and Spain dedicated part of their forces to protect the valuable information contained in the Oil Ministry, which was their main goal. However, they didn’t proceed likewise with the museums that kept the most precious trails of the occid