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Cuts threaten services at British Library

I read today about this problem. Institution may be forced to introduce charges: I t is at the heart of Britain's cultural, literary and political life. Each day writers, academics and researchers join those who have crossed the world to access the fruits of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland, from the humblest tome to the Magna Carta. But according to the British Library, government-imposed spending cuts may soon put the proud traditions of a national institution at risk. Ahead of the Treasury's 2007 spending review, library officials have drawn up a briefing paper outlining measures they would have to take if the widely speculated cuts of between 5% and 7% come to fruition. Under the "worst case" scenario sent to the chancellor, Gordon Brown, and MPs, the cuts would necessitate charges on those using the world-renowned reading rooms or limits on opening hours. Two galleries might also have to close. Spending on research journals and books would be slas