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Nueva reseña del best seller A universal History of the Destruction of Books

Una nota en la Mediarama Reviews, escrita por Daniel Zayd: Given the recent calls in the United States to burn the Qur'an, and given the request from political officials all the way up to the president not to do so for reasons having to do with soldier's security and nothing at all to do with the notion of a book being something that one doesn't burn, and given the rampant closing of public libraries throughout the United States for financial reasons, insight is gleaned into how a culture sees the written word and the places such works are held for public use. This sentiment is echoed in this book by the director of Venezuela's National Library, who examines and chronicles such destruction throughout the world, most recently with the sacking of the National Archive of Iraq—the works of which have been saved to a great extent by a populace that realizes on some visceral level that without books there is no history, and without history there is no nation. —Daniel Ibn Z