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USA quiere destruir cultura de Irán como hizo en Irak

Nos ha llamado la atención que desde 2004 el autor más citado en textos sobre destruccion cultural en el mundo árabe y anglosajón es Fernando Báez y hemos creido conveniente divulgar este importante ensayo aparecido en decenas de periódicos Nota de A.Z. Who is the rogue state really? By Asghar Bishbareh 03/20/06 “ICH” A brief history of Iran since 16th century Iran is one of the few countries in the world that has never become a colony of any of the imperialist powers. However, during the reign of Kajar dynasty from 1795 to 1925, Iran plunged into a deep cri-sis, and to some extent, colonial powers dominated Iran both economically and politically thanks to inept and corrupt monarchs. In 1514, Ottoman Turks invaded Azerbaijan (northwest provinces of Iran) and by the treaty of Chaldran occupying some of the area until Nadir Shah expelled them in 18th century. In 1801, Rus-sians annexed Georgia. By the treaties of Gulistan (1813) and Turkomanchai (1828), Russia deprived Iran of it