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Baghdad: University bombings kill 70

A DOUBLE bombing has killed 70 people and wounding 170 more at a Baghdad university, including teachers and many students blown up while waiting for cars to take them home, in the deadliest attack this year in Iraq. Around 100 people were killed throughout the capital during the day, but the blasts at the Mustansiriyah University in the city's east were the deadliest. A police source said a car bomb exploded near the main gate of the university in an area where students wait for minibuses and cars to pick them up to go home. A suicide bomber then blew himself up near a second gate to the university as people fled the first explosion. The blasts left a number of nearby cars completely burnt and many bodies charred in parked vehicles, witnesses have said. More bodies lay in the street, their mobile telephones ringing unanswered. The dead and wounded were rushed to city hospitals in bed sheets, blankets, stretchers and a number of pick-up trucks. “The majority of those killed are fem