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Una reseña en The Daily Star

Un ensayo de Syed Badrul Ahsan, editor en The Daily Star,  donde reflexiona sobre la reedición del best seller A Universal history of the destruction of booksAqui parte del texto:
Books, writers and their enemiesby Syed Badrul AhsanThe Dayly Star September, 2010
Books have been burned and writers have been persecuted through the ages. And yet you would expect that in these present times, which are often described in glowing terms as post-modernity, the savagery which in earlier phases of human existence sought to destroy all the good that man could bring forth would have drawn to a close. Not so. Think of the brutality visited upon Baghdad through the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003. In the days immediately following the fall of Baghdad, for yet one more time in history, all the libraries and all the museums in the city were systematically looted. Vandals and thieves simply walked away with the books or put them to the torch. It was but the beginning, for over the next few days a…