A Universal History of the Destruction of Books: a best-seller

"A terrifying, masterly book from the erudite pen of Fernando Báez" (Alberto Manguel) http://atlasandco.com/previously-published/a_universal_history_of_the_destruction_of_books/


Anonymous said…
When the author was a poor boy of four or five, he began spending whole days (under supervision) in his town’s library in Venezuela; he happily read his way through the books for several years until the river flooded and took out the library. Later, when he was seventeen, he watched his classmates burn their books at the end of the school year. So, the author is quite sensitive to the subject of the destruction of books

Liz, Brooklyn, USA
Anonymous said…
This is an incredible book. I think it suffers a little from translation--passages and phrases sometimes feel both lovely and awkward at the same time.


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